Drupal D8MI Sprint: Day 0

Today I landed in Barcelona. I'll be spending a full week trying to contribute to the D8MI. D8MI stands for Drupal 8 Multilanguage Initiative. In Drupal core development, most of it is grouped under different core initiatives, where there is one or more leads that organize the work on a particular area.

The D8MI is lead by Gabor Hojtsy, who set up a sprint this week at Barcelona for advancing on this, taking care of having a workplace and getting sponsorship for commodities so people can focus on work. Current focus is described at Multilingual focus issues.

I found that a sprint is a great way of getting involved, so I decided to spend my holidays here. It's also a great opportunity for visiting friends like @francisrivilla who hosts me these days.

Going back to the sprint, I'll try to write up my experience here every day. As a newbie, I expect to pair with someone more experienced on first days and on following days try to work on my own. Clemens Tolboom is not at the city, but he proposed starting with Make gettext .po generation its own abstracted functionality and offered to mentor online. Let's see how this evolves. Wish me luck!




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