Drupalcamp Spain 2012

On October 20th and 21st took place in Madrid the 3rd edition of the biggest Drupal event in Spain, Drupalcamp Spain 2012. On Saturday I participated on a panel with Pedro Cambra, Ramon Vilar, Juampy Novillo and José Reyero about how to contribute to Drupal, with modules, themes, translations, documentation, marketing, events... The slides we used as guide are available on Slideshare:

On Sunday, I made a session where I tried to explain the changes in multilanguage between Drupal 7 and Drupal 8, that will be a reality hopefully on August 2013. The slides are also available in Slideshare:

The videos of every session will be available soon at the Vimeo channel of the Spanish Drupal Association.

That weekend took place the first Assembly of the Spanish Drupal Association, where I was nominated as a Board Member. I hope to contribute with them spreading Drupal use in Spain.

And after a very busy weekend, a plane to Frankfurt. But that's part of another story.

Post image: Atribución Some rights reserved by Pedro Lozano



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