Non-interactive performance tests and reporting with JMeter

Once you have modelled your stress tests with JMeter (that's another story that deserves its own post), maybe you want to launch them in a non-interactive way from your continuous integration server.

For doing so, you just need to launch JMeter with the non-interactive mode:

./apache-jmeter-2.6/bin/ -t my-test-plan.jmx -l my-test-plan-2012-16-09.jtl -n

This commands launch the test plans, but the output file is XML. How could I send this as a report to the QA team or the management people?

Just launch:

xsltproc ./apache-jmeter-2.6/extras/jmeter-results-report_21.xsl my-test-plan-2012-16-09.jtl > report-2012-16-09.html

The result will be an HTML file which is rendered as the image attached.



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