Remoting for the Drupalcon Munich D8MI Sprint

After participating on the Drupal Developer Days D8MI Sprint, I was very sad I couldn't assist to the Munich Drupalcon one, but I decided to participate remotely.

I asked for people who wanted to join me on the Sevilla Drupal Group, and Jesús Balsera (jsbalsera) and Juan Fernández (@Maxtorete) joined me.

We'll start today and will be sprinting until next Sunday, if everything goes well and nobody leaves (hope so). 

The focus on D8MI is set, and these are some notes I took about some issues that I'd like we collaborate with:

  • => D8 installer is broken if selecting a non-English language on installation => Drupal core, install system, normal, needs work, 3 comments, 1 IRC mention
This is a problem when installing D8 in another language. A patch is attached, but needs some work.
@penyaskito did the initial work.
@jsbalsera managed to fix the requested changes and use drupal_classloader_register instead of include_once. Other sprinters did more tweaks and it was commited :-)
Minor string fix, reported by @penyaskito.
  • => Impossible to install Drupal in a non-English language when following the provided instructions => Drupal core, install system, normal, needs review, 12 comments, 2 IRC mentions
@Gabor & @penyaskito.
  • => Import Gettext .po files in progressive batches to avoid time limits => Drupal core, language system, normal, fixed, 28 comments, 15 IRC mentions
@penyaskito worked on this at Barcelona and has been completed now.
  • => Introduce a translations:// stream wrapper to access the .po file directory => Drupal core, language system, normal, needs work, 12 comments, 3 IRC mentions
@penyaskito working on it. NW.
@jsbalsera working on it
  • => Add a new user permission "Translate own nodes" => Drupal core, translation.module, normal, needs work, 31 comments, 3 IRC mentions
Needs rerolling, functionality tests and upgrade tests.
@penyaskito rerolled it.
@maxtorete is writing functional tests. NW
  • => OOP & PSR-0-ify gettext .po file parsing and generation => Drupal core, locale.module, normal, needs work, 256 comments, 70 IRC mentions
Properly test this.
Minor follow-ups.
  • => Import available language data and translations form translation server => Drupal core, locale.module, normal, needs review, 13 comments, 5 IRC mentions
  • => Collect project information for translation update => Drupal core, locale.module, normal, needs review, 23 comments, 5 IRC mentions
Work started
This is a major issue broken into smaller pieces. Those ones needs care. Doesn't look specially easy.

Let's see what we can afford.




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